Be always yourself, be always respectful


Your contributions stand for you and reflect your person within Gruups. The other users get to know you only in this way. Make sure that your contributions are always written in a friendly and respectful manner. Please do not publish private telephone numbers or addresses on the platforms.

Respect is a matter of expression


You want to be taken seriously and treated with respect by other greeting users. We expect this form of appropriate treatment from you in relation to others. The tone makes the music and so you should pay special attention to your expression and choice of words.


What we do if someone breaks the rules


You can help to keep the community friendly. If you notice that a user does not follow the discussion rules, you can inform the corresponding creator by clicking the report button. Depending on the severity of the violation, a post can either be edited or deleted completely. This also applies to complete discussions, which can either be shut down or removed from Gruups altogether.

Gruups connects people with similar interests. The aim of the platform is a constructive and friendly exchange among like-minded people. The preservation of community netiquette is therefore a high priority for Gruups.


Gruups reserves the right to deactivate, temporarily or completely block or delete content, contributions, user profiles or channels without warning in the event of a breach of netiquette. Users are urged to report questionable content and persons or to delete them themselves as channel owners in order to ensure a positive shared experience for everyone at all times.

Content includes, in particular, contributions, comments, pictures, profile pictures, profile names, profile information, hashtags, videos, graphics, giphys or emojis as well as links and attachments published or stored on the Gruups platform.


These contents will be blocked or deleted as soon as one or more of the following criteria are met:

  • Illegal content according to applicable law,

  • discriminating contents,

  • grossly derogatory contents,

  • sexualised content

  • extremist content

  • as well as all contents which are openly or covertly directed against the integrity of individual persons or groups on the platform.

Violations of these criteria can be reported via the submenu of a post "Report". Users can contact Gruups at any time. For violations of data protection, terms and conditions or netiquette, the email address is activated.

And now we wish you much fun on Gruups!