Read. Join. Earn.

Being a social brand means, well ... producing content. Depending on which platform you're on, you shoot photos, stream games, report on your daily life or favorite topic. It's fun, and if you get feedback for it - that's fantastic!

At the same time, life as a social brand can be stressful. The algorithm of the big platforms wants to be fed regularly, because after 24 hours the best kick of fresh content fizzles out. Having something published means you have start creating new stuff. Climbing the ladder of reach comes not for free.

It would all be easier if many other people weren't trying to do the same thing as you do: producing content that users like. And attract advertisers. Whew. We feel you. And have an offer you can't refuse:

Don't make content. Make time for your customers. Chat with them. About you. About them. About life. Your crushes. Goals. Fears. Plans. Parents. Skills. Experiences. Chatting is the most elegant way to capture omeone's attention without being forced to publish content.

Why chatting is better than content? Because we all love to chat. Every person with a smartphone sends or receives 100 messages a day. No other source of information makes us feel so satisfied. Of all social media, chats get the highest satisfaction ratings. And why? Because in a chat we are not only recipients, but also senders.

Everyone wants to be heard. Preferably by you.

It's good to spend time with your fans and just say "hello".

Give it a try. For this purpose we have built Gruups. Gruups is a platform that helps you build closer contact with your customers than on any other social network. Here you can chat publicly or privately, watch videos and live streams together, answer questions and give tips, or just hang out together.

In early 2022, we'll expand Gruups into a premium offering that will give you the ability to build paid offerings for close Fans. How much you want to earn and what you offer in return is up to you.

Only one thing is important to us: Gruups is "friendly chats only". That means for us: no insults, no porn, no offense We take care of that. You don't have to care about anything.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us in the chat, we are here to support you!

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