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Empowering Web3 collaboration

Native Crypto Communities

Gruups offers the best of the chat world, and much more - all in one unique, well-designed app, built grounds up with token-gated features in mind. Enjoy secure, spam-free and high quality community engagement!

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Gruups is made for Web3

Reinventing social interactions with Web3 technology

  • Token Gated Access

  • Token Powered Profiles

  • Transaction based Communities


Web3 native membership platform

// Download App

// Connect your wallet

// Meet co-owners of token & NFTs

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Wallet based verification

Automatically connecting every token owner on the same blockchain

Simply connect your wallet, we will scan your wallet and make the match between the tokens you are holding and the dApp spaces that matches your tokens.

Once a wallet is connected to Gruups, users get automatically access to the groups. And yes, everyone holds the same tokens. That's why members automatically lose the connection to a group as soon as they sell the token.


No scam. No spam. Simple and powerful.

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Token powered identities

Now your possessions and transactions speak for you

With gruups, your transactions become your social signals: every time users acquire or sell web3 assets, they send a social sign to their peers.

Transaction based communities

True Collaboration

On Gruups strangers turn into verified co-owners, peers and like minded people everyone can trust. And Gruups delivers the best tools for a friendly, brand-related but also productive atmosphere dApps are missing on Discord.


  • Official Airdrops

  • Announce sells & purchases

  • Discuss, vote & collaborate

  • Leadership boards

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Spaces modularity

dApps can assemble different features and layouts - comparable to a website builder

If a dApp wishes to do so, we will be happy to customize every space into a unique and personalized

experience, that exposes the idea of the dApp and its user preferences to interact with others in focus. 

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