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Say hello to Gruups, the messenger community your customers will love

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Gruups is a real time CRM in the shape of a messenger. We let users chat, watch live streams and gather together in audio rooms to turn your marketing into delightful live experiences.

We designed Gruups with the belief that vivid customer relations are at the center

of every smooth running business.


more engagement

User post 100 times more content on messengers than on Social Media.


satisfaction rate

Live chat deliver highest customer satisfaction scores compared to any other service channel. (Social Media is satisfying for only 48% of all users)

How to create the future of customer relations right now

Give customers access to like minded people

You want conversations at a scale? Nothing easier than that: just connect your customers. They love to get contact to like minded people, share experiences and hang around together.  

Inspire your customers and get inspired

Share a live stream, grab a seat in a voice chat or just text something when you’re free. Members of your channel can see you’re around and instantly pop in to talk without having to call.

Attract attention immediately

Get attention whenever it's key for your business or your customers. Send notifications and news alerts to summon your crowd. 

From few to fandom in just a few steps

Get any community running with moderation tools and custom member access. Give members special powers, set up private channels, and more.


It's important to see the real persons behind your customers. They are role models, multipliers, problem solvers, advisers, modifiers, pushers, influencers, podcasters, investors, and even more... It's not only super helpful to collaborate. It's inspiring for both sides. 

Everything you need to make your business a live CRM


Group Chats

Start a public Gruup, invite your precious users and chat in real time. 


Data Ownership

Have access to all data that belongs to your Gruup. 


Audio Rooms

Say hello to fans and customers and give them a stage to shine.


Enhanced Notifications

Activate your Gruup Members whenever you want.


Watch Parties

Join Youtube and Twitch live streaming together and after-parties for your shows.


Automated Moderation

Control your Gruups 24/7 with AI based profanity filters and pro moderation tools.

Ready to start your Live CRM? Download Gruups.